World Crave is a global lifestyle and travel company searching the world to bring consumers unique events and products that resonate with the soul of a traveler. Being part of a community is a desire that resides with basic human nature, and through curated objects and events, we connect you to the pulse of why we travel-the people and the culture that leave a mark in your soul long after you've gone home.

We are all about sharing with you the things we crave: thoughtful finds that you can incorporate in your daily life, travel experiences that implore you to travel deeper, and the thrill of discovery and adventure that comes when you fully embrace the art of authentic travel.


Cristina Espiritu grew up in the Philippines and moved to the United States with her family when she was a teenager. Cristina was bitten by a travel bug ever since backpacking solo through Europe and volunteering in a small village in France right after her high school graduation. She spent her formative years working in the legal and finance industry as an excuse to pay the bills, but had always found the time to explore different places. She describes herself as a curious traveler, an adventurous eater, a part time artist, and an entrepreneur at heart.